Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas Fun

Here is the crew on Christmas morning
                              Here are my "twin" boys (very much concentrating on their games!)
                                           Tom and Zac got a Wii along with Guitar Hero!

Zac got Cars Laptop computer from Santa
Needless to say, all of my boys were spoiled this Christmas.  We were lucky enough to have my mom here for Christmas morning and then my dad, brother, sister in law and two nieces arrived the day after Christmas.  Although it is crazy at times here, it's nice to have our first Christmas at home and family to share it with!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas trip to Urgent Care

Tyler has been sick on and off for the last few weeks and had even seen his Pediatrician two weeks ago.  Everything was fine then - just a virus.  Finally today though, he really seemed like he was getting worse instead of better.  He's been up all night, couldn't nap this morning and just wanted to be held non stop.  He was so worn out this morning that he fell asleep on me in the middle of the kitchen.  He hasn't done that since he was little.  I put him in his high chair to see if he would eat some lunch and he fell asleep again!

We took him into Acute Kids and sure enough, he had two ear infections and Bronciolitis or RSV.  He has to have treatments with a nebulizer and antibiotics for his ears.  Hopefully he'll be feeling better for Christmas and hopefully this will count as our annual trip to the ER for Christmas!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Grapevine, TX "Ice"

This first picture illustrates how much of monkey Tyler is!  He spends pretty much all of his awake time, trying to decide what to climb on next and then attempting it.  Only to get right down and climb back up again!  He however, is not that graceful.  He gave himself a nasty black eye when trying to climb up on the windowsills and slipping!  This one (no, this is not his first) really scared me because his eye was bleeding!

The rest are pictures taken at the "Ice" exhibit at the Gaylord Texan (a huge hotel) in Grapevine.  It was 9 degrees inside and you had to wear these special jackets that they provided.  It was all Christmas themed and there were lighted tunnels, bridges, a gingerbread house, an entire nativity scene and at the end there were ice slides which Zac really enjoyed!  Poor Tyler was cold and pretty much cried through the whole thing.

I got a kick out of Zac in the jacket!  It was HUGE on him and it almost touched the ground.  He couldn't get his hand out of the sleeves and it was so funny to watch him walking around!  He really reminded me of the little boy from "A Christmas Story"!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Photo With Santa

I can't believe it but BOTH boys sat with Santa AND smiled for the camera!  What are the chances???  I knew that Zac would do well.  He's been looking forward to it for oh, months now!  I wasn't sure about Tyler though.  As it turns out, he walked right over to Santa all by himself because he was following his big brother as usual!

Friday, December 12, 2008


After waiting for what feels like FOREVER, Zac FINALLY started swinging by himself!  We've been trying to get him to do it for probably over a year now and he just decided he was ready to give it a good try!
Yes, it is really December and we are out swinging with no jackets on and it's actually been on the cold side here lately!  It was nice to finally get outside again.  Tyler HATES being stuck inside!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

When Dad's Watch the Kids

I had Bunco last night so Tom was alone with the boys from bath until bed time.  That's usually the easiest time because they are in a routine and starting to wind down by then.  When I got home from Bunco last night, Tom had some stories for me!
Usually we get Tyler out of the bath first because Zac can sit and play while we put Tyler's PJ's on beside the tub.  Last night, Zac decided that he wanted to get out first so that he could watch a Christmas special on tv.  Once Tom had him dried off, he wanted to go out to the living room and snuggle with Daddy.  Tom told him that he couldn't do that until Tyler was out of the tub and Zac wanted to know why not.  At that exact moment, Tyler fell backwards and although he was able to keep his face above the water, he was struggling to try and sit back up.  Tom explained to Zac that that was why he couldn't leave Tyler alone.  (Not that Zac really cared very much)  This happened a second time while Tom was distracted by Zac.  
Finally, Tom got Tyler out of the tub and began drying him off.  Tom told Zac that he would have to wait a minute for help getting his PJ's on and just hang out naked for a minute.  Tom was putting some diaper rash cream on Tyler's bottom (he's had diarrhea) and Zac said "I'll just take care of my itchies".  Tom didn't think anything of the comment until he looked up and saw Zac holding Tom's electric toothbrush head in his hand.  Tom said "What did you just do with that?" and Zac showed him that he used it to itch his butt!!!!!!!!!!!  Tom horrified but I found it hysterical!  Maybe Daddy's think they know how hard it is to watch multiple children at once but I'm not sure they have any idea of how often things like happen if you're not watching them like a hawk!