Monday, July 26, 2010

Fun with Family

We had a picnic/family reunion at Great Grandpa Walt's house. It rained a little bit but that didn't stop anyone from swimming! Zac loved playing bocce with his cousin Miles, his cousin Alex and Alex's girlfriend Alex.

Jim and Tom
Mia and Stephanie
We went to the Rochester Zoo with Grandma Gail, Jim, Stephanie, Mia and Jakks. Here's Tom as a turtle with Jim and Zac on his back!
Jakks, Tyler and Zac watching the sea lions
Jim and Mia playing at Grandma Gail's
Jakks, Tyler and Zac tired of getting their pictures taken!
The cousins eating pizza
Picnic at Melissa and Jeremy's house. The cousins had SO much fun playing together!

We celebrated Stephanie and Quinn's birthdays. The kids love any excuse for cupcakes!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hamlin Beach

Yesterday Grandma, Grandpa and I took the boys to Hamlin Beach. We swam, played in the sand, played on a playground and ate a picnic lunch.

Grandpa trying to stay in the shade

Monday, July 19, 2010

Montage To Grandma Pam

Grandma got jealous that all of the new blog posts didn't contain pictures of her so here she is! The funny thing is though, every time I get the camera out she complains that she's not ready for pictures!!!
Tyler helping water flowers

Livy, Izzy, Gramdma, Ty and Zac (doing his impression of blue steel)!

Watching a ride at Seabreeze

Fly in Breakfast

Each year the Rotary club puts on a Fly in Breakfast and all kinds of small planes fly into a small air strip. Grandma Pam was helping to cook the breakfast so we went over to eat!

The boys got some balloon animals

And the best part was we got a ride in Cessna 206! The boys and I flew around Hilton and out over Lake Ontario.
Zac LOVED getting to ride up front with the pilot!

This one type of plane that I jumped out of years ago so I enjoyed actually sitting in a seat for a change!

Bufferfly Garden

Tom and I and both Grandma's took the boys to the Strong Museum of Play and they had a butterfly exhibit that was awesome. It featured the Blue Morpho Butterfly as seen on Go Diego Go!
There were turtles and birds in there as well

You can barely see the butterfly that he is looking at but I LOVE the expression on his face!

This one was blurry from the humidity on my camera lens but I still liked it!

Adventures in New York

We arrived in New York and the boys have kept their Grandparents VERY busy! Here is Tyler with Grandma Gail
Tyler on the diving board at Aunt Melissa's house. He kept everyone entertained there!
Zac in mid air!

Zac and Tyler watching Grandpa's giant train

We all went Seabreeze amusement park with David, Andrea, Isabel and Alivia. Zac LOVED the tower drop and getting to ride on some of the bigger rides finally! (Mommy enjoyed that too)!

Future drivers
Ty, Zac, Alivia and Isabel

Ty helping Grandpa mow the lawn