Thursday, February 17, 2011

Broken Butt

I was getting ready to give the boys a bath last night and I realized that Tyler was stinky. Zac was brushing his teeth so I lay Tyler down on the floor of the bathroom to change him. I was talking to him about how it is way past time for him to start to going poop on the potty. I mean he is almost 3 and half and wants nothing to do with it!
I hadn't realized that Zac was paying such attention to what I was telling Tyler but he finished his teeth and looked down at Tyler to say "You need a new butt". Tyler was very worried and relied, "Noooooo". I asked Zac why Tyler needed a new butt and he replied "Because his is broken".
At first I thought he was referring to the joke that goes: Hey, is your butt broken, cuz it has a crack in it! He surprised me though and said very matter of factly, "It's broken because it doesn't work on the potty". I giggled!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Zac's First School Dance

Zac's school had a Valentine's Day dance and we got the boys dressed to go and this is how we found them - watching tv
Zac was very proud to be wearing a shirt and tie like Daddy
The knuckleheads
This is what Ty did the whole time
Zac dancing with a girl from his class named Tarryn
Zac with his friends Charlie and Tarryn