Thursday, February 26, 2009

Spring in Texas

So, it's February 26th and it feels like spring already in Texas.  Don't worry - the 80 degree weather is not supposed to continue - for a little while anyway!

Tyler out "mowing" the lawn at 8:30am - can't keep that boy in the house!
No, he's not smelling something gross - that's his "cheese" face!

I saw this the other morning because our sprinklers had turned on and all 3 boys were enjoying the spray through the open window!
Yup, those are buds opening up on the trees in our back yard!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Sierra strikes again!

Both of the boys have now had run ins with our cat.  Sierra is GREAT with the boys!  She is VERY tolerant of little hands pulling on her and little feet chasing her but she can only take just so much!  This is what happens when she gets cornered but small boys!

The first one is Tyler - just today!

And this one is Zac from back in 2007.  He was around 2 at the time so I think he learned his lesson and he is actually really good with her now. Tyler however is too young I think to have learned his lesson!

Pool Party in February

For Valentine's Day this year, we had a birthday party for a friends little girl at an indoor pool in Frisco.  The kids LOVED it!  I guess they'll really enjoy our vacation this year to a lake in New York!

Here is Zac licking about 3 solid inches of frosting off of a cupcake.  Thank God they went swimming afterward to burn of all that sugar!
This is a shot of about half the swimming area!
And here is Zac, Daddy and Tyler in the "river"!

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Tyler has started to really begin saying words now.  They're not all recognizable yet unless you know what he's talking about.
One of the cute ones though is that he now knows what the camera is for and puts on a ridiculous scrunchy face and says "Eease" - Translated as I'm sure you can guess, he means "Cheese"

Here's the spaghetti picture that probably every baby has in their baby books.  Too cute not to snap a shot!
And the three of us snuggling in our Pj's at bedtime