Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Words of wisdom from a 4 yr. old

I was making dinner tonight and Zac was sitting at the kitchen table playing with some of his cars. I asked him to move the cars because I was getting ready to put dinner on the table. This pretty much happens every night so it was no surprise to him. He was quick to give me attitude though and a nasty face. I told him not to look at me that way. The conversation then went like this:

Zac: "You don't look at me that way!"
Me: "Zac, I am the parent and you are not allowed to talk to me that way."
Zac: "When I'm as big as you, I'll be the parent then!"
Me: "Yup, and then you can ask your kids to take their cars off the table."
Zac: "That's if I grow any!"

I just thought it was so funny - his take on the way that children happen - the parents grow them! Pretty insightful actually!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Always somethin goin on!

We took the boys out for hibachi tonight. It was Tyler's first time and he wasn't a fan of the flaming volcano but neither was Zac at that age! Zac loved it. He used chopsticks to eat the whole meal!

Tyler LOVES edemame!!!
Yes, that is a DVD player in front of Tyler. We will do anything to be able to eat in a restaurant right now!

The boys at the neighbors pool

Tyler had a double ear infection and a ruptured ear drum this week. His ear tubes had fallen out in only two months and he is scheduled to have them put back in on Wednesday. Then he fell yesterday (AGAIN) and caught his eye on the low window sill in our kitchen. Poor kid is more than accident prone! I finally put some bumpers on those things today! Don't know why I didn't think of that sooner!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

All about staying cool!

It's starting to get HOT here in Texas but at least there are plenty of ways to cool off!