Sunday, April 26, 2009

Summer begins in TX

We're kind of crazy being from NY and all and we usually put the little pool up on St. Patrick's Day weekend but this year it just wasn't warm enough yet. We finally got it up last Sunday and this is always a fun day for the kids!
This year they enjoyed playing in the plastic tarp...

I think they always enjoy filling it up more than anything!
I know he'll kill me later but way too cute to pass up!
We even broke out the sprinkler and Tyler STILL couldn't manage to keep his suit on!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

4th Birthday Party

Zac requested a 101 Dalmations themed birthday party. The truth of the matter is, he asked for it last year but I knew you couldn't find decorations in the stores so I talked him into Cars instead! So, when he asked again this year I couldn't deny him again! Therefore I personally had to make ALL of the decorations. It took me about a month and a half since I would have about 10 min. each day to do it if I was lucky!

Here is Me with the birthday boy

His friends singing Happy Birthday

Dog relay races
Food that looks like dog food - even in dog bowls!
I totally lucked out and found a dalmation pinata on line!
All homemade!

And the cake!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

The boy knows too much!

Zac's 4th birthday is coming up at the end of April and of course he's very excited about this! He watches commercials now unfortunately and he now wants every toy and utensil that is advertised. Way to go Marketing on that stuff!
I feel like all he talks about is wanting this and that for his birthday. A couple of days ago, he and I were playing and he came out of the clear blue asking when MY birthday was. I told him it was in 2 more months. I jokingly asked him what he was getting me for my birthday in retaliation. He got this look of deep thought and was silent for few seconds. I was pretty interested to see what he was going to come up with. He said "Hmm" and I saw him start to look around the house. His reply was "We're going to go to Target and get you some new wine glasses". I don't know if I should be proud or scared of that! I guess he knows me pretty well after all!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

First Easter Egg Hunt of 2009

Tom's office had their annual Easter Egg Hunt this evening. Both the boys had a blast! 

Zac met the Easter Bunny

Tyler seemed to know exactly what to do even though this was his first Egg Hunt! He wasn't so great at the waiting to begin part though!
The boys with their loot
Tyler found the Golden Egg and won the top prize of a giant Easter basket that was almost bigger than him!