Monday, September 21, 2009

Weekend at the Lake

We traveled out to Longview, TX to stay with my friend Jacki's parents on Lake Cherokee over the weekend. They have two girls who are the same age as Zac and Tyler so we all had a great time!

The four kids swimming...
Zac and Tori going for a drive
Enjoying some colored icing!
Tyler couldn't get enough of the minnows!
Zac and Tori tubing together
Tommy and Jacki playing Cranium
Tom and I playing Cranium

Kati tubing all by herself!
Tyler and I
Tori burying Tommy in the sand

Me and Jacki!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Fun in Mississippi

We went to Columbus, MS for Labor Day weekend to visit my brother and his family. My Mom flew down to Dallas and drove over with us. We rented a pontoon boat one day, went swimming on the AFB pool and had fun watching the cousins play together!

Swimming off the pontoon boat.
Grandma with Tyler and Isabel. Yes, that's Tyler in pink - it actually looks great on him!
Zac was ready to try kneeboarding but Tom got nervous that he wouldn't let go of the rope so he didn't get to do it. Maybe next year.
Tom trying to do a 360...
But I was actually the first one to pull it off!!!
Zac and Tyler
Tyler sleeping in the pack n play on the boat and Alivia resting beside him.
Zac jumping off a diving board
Of course, Tyler had to do it too!
Alivia, Zac, Isabel and Tyler eating cake.