Friday, January 25, 2008

Help Children with Autism

I just visited my friend Jill's blog and found a post entitled Help Children with Autism. All you do is click on the link below and watch the video. The band Five For Fighting will dontate 40 cents every time someone watches the video. This is for real and it's so easy! Jill - I hope you don't mind:

What Kind Of World Do You Want

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The United States...

Grandma Pam bought Zac a placemat of the United States when she came out for Tyler's birth and one night around that time, Zac didn't want to eat his dinner. Grandma suggested that he put his peas on the different states and eat one pea each time he said the state correctly. This turned into a great game because he was excited to both eat peas and learn the states! Since then, he has learned all 50 states and loves to watch himself on video!

I wasn't sure how long a video I could include on here so I just put some little clips to give you the idea! Don't worry, it would take far too long to get all 50 at once!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Why we have no memories before age 3!

So, those of you who have ever used an electric breast pump or heard one being used will understand this much better than those who have not!
Zac doesn't really understand the concept of privacy unless he's trying to poop his diaper so he has no qualms about opening the door on ANYBODY who's going to the bathroom and closed doors in general are more of an invitation for him than a barrier!
Getting to the point - I am still breast feeding Tyler and once in a while I need to pump and I'm using an electric breast pump. I try to go in the bedroom and close the door to avoid all the questions from Zac but inevitably he always bursts in and finds me! I was surprised that he didn't really have too many questions other than what it was I was doing and seemed content with my answer that I was getting milk for Tyler. The funny part though is, he's very into music and sounds so naturally he was fascinated by the noise of the pump! He layed down right next to it and started mimicking what it was he was hearing and this is what he came up with: "whip it boom, whip it boom, whip it boom". I started laughing so he knew that he was funny and kept saying it. Now Tom and I refer to "pumping" as "whip it boom" and Zac gets a big kick out of it!
I came to the realization that this is probably why young children don't remember things from much before the time they are 3 - they are too young to know how disturbing it is for a young boy to see his mother pumping milk!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Old Zac Funny...

I forgot about this but while we were in NY for the holidays, Zac was crying in his bed one morning so I crawled in with him to see what was wrong. He is addicted to his Ocean Wonders Aquarium which is a baby toy that plays music and a light comes on and so forth. Grandma had made sure he had one while he was at her house and he was watching it that morning while I was snuggling with him. He also loves his back tickled so I was doing that and I would pause because I was tired and he would squirm. I asked him what was wrong and he said "I'm trying to get this hand to move" All the while he's looking at the aquarium so I assumed he was talking about that and couldn't figure it out. Come to find out, every time I stopped tickling, he would squirm and say "I'm trying to get this hand to move" I finally figured out that he was talking about my hand and tickling him! I thought that was pretty funny for a 2 and half year to come up with a saying like that and now it's our little joke!

Zac also went for his very first horse ride this morning!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Tyler's 2 month Check up

Tyler went to the Dr. yesterday for his 2 month check up. He weighs 14 pounds five ounces! Now Zac was always a big boy and I looked back in his baby book and he was 13 pounds at his 2 month! I guess Tyler will follow in his foot steps. What I find funny too is that Tyler suffers from reflux pretty bad and spits up pretty much non stop all day. I can't imagine what the boy would weigh if he wasn't spitting up!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Happy 2008!

I've been absent from Blogging because we traveled to NY to spend the holidays with family. This was the first time that our families met Tyler. It was a busy time but priceless as far as memories go.

Zac got to play in the snow a little bit. He built his first snowman and went sledding for the first time!
Now we're back in TX and ready to begin the new year!
This is Tyler (8 weeks), Zac (2 1/2), Isabel (3 1/2) and Alivia (10 months)